Truss is a sharing app of food and non-food items that you are not using anymore but can be of help to someone in the community that you live in – we call it Truss Community. We believe that instead of throwing away items, you can share that with someone for free and in turn help that person in need and limit waste in your community. With Truss, we will build a shared society that we care about!

=> Truss lets you share items that are collecting dust or you don’t need any more whether it’s food that is expiring or non-food items.
=> Truss lets you request items from other users in the Truss Community for free
=> Truss lets you create default or customized groups to share and request items
=> Truss lets you become part of a community that cares for each other

=> Sign up with social network or create an account in Truss
=> Edit your profile in the Side bar menu
=> Look for items on the home screen that you may need
=> Share items for free in the default categories using the “+” sign on top right corner
=> Create groups in “My Groups” on top drop down menu bar using the default groups or creating
customize group adding members from the community
=> Check in the Notification screen for notifications
=> Request items under “Notification” tab clicking the “+” sign on top right corner
=> Check for messages in the “Message” screen from the sharer to set a time to pick up item
=> Check in “My List” for current shared or requested item
=> Share the item with others in the community and be proud that you contributed to someone’s need!

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