Sleep Relaxation

Feeling tired or stressed? Just need some time to yourself to relax? Sit back and relax and listen to the soothing sounds of sleep relaxation +. This app is perfect for helping you with meditation, yoga, help with sleeping, or just to wind down after the hard day.
Some of the key befits that can have a positive impact on your your health from listing to relaxing music are:
★ Helps to relieve stress
★ Lower blood pressure
★ lower your heart rate
★ Ease muscle tension
★ Relieves emotionsFEATURES
✔ Plays audio continuously
✔ High quality, stereo audio tracks
✔ Listen through headphones or with the speaker
✔ Play audio with the screen turned off


This great relaxation app is easy-to-use and perfect for relaxation, meditation, travel, yoga, stress, sleeping, and more.Best of all, it’s completely FREE!
What are you waiting for? Download Sleep Relaxation + NOW!

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