Feed The Dragon


During one of my adventures, I found a lost dragon name Rugarth in an old factory. Although i'm frightened by his fierce look at first, i discovered that dragons are not entirely what legends say it was. Rugarth smiled at me and gave a warm welcome to his home. Rugarth says "Do not worry. I do not eat humans. In fact human's food are my favourite". 

However, Rugarth complains that the factory that is continuously producing food for him is malfunctioning. As the factory is an abandoned factory, it is not maintain by the engineers. As a result, the foods that are produced are sometimes acidic and cause him to get poisioned. For that, he agrees to befriend you if only you help him to get rid of the acidic foods that flows in together with all the other foods.


MeatForGeeks presents you our next game Feed The Dragon !

Test your gaming skills and reflexes by advancing the furthest you can in this game. 

Help Rugarth drag all the acidic foods out to prevent him from getting poison! If the player loses all lives, GAME OVER! 

- Easy drag and drop game

- Drag out the 3 coloured jelly from entering the dragon's mouth

- To gain points and advance to the next level, drag the acidic jelly to the correct pot according to their colours

- It's not easy as it looks :) The food flows faster after each level ! 

Platform: Currently only on the Android Playstore

Android Version : 4.1.2

Rating Age : +3

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