EZ-Tip Calculator

EZ-Calcs has now developed an easier and intuitive tips calculator keeping in mind all users. Just enter 3 numbers and the EZ-Tip Calculator calculates everyone’s share automatically. You can even adjust the tip percentage with a slider or just enter a percentage.


1. See results as you type your numbers in.
2. Two separate numbers – one for Monthly Principal and Interest (P+I) amount and Other monthly
payments to see how much each is and whether you are comfortable with the “Total Monthly Payment”
3. It allows for all 4 major annual expense such as taxes, insurance, HOA and other.
4. After every calculations you have 4 options: Save, Email, Message and Retrieve
5. Share the final numbers by saving, emailing, or sending it via a message.
6. You can also retrieve from the list of saved results of variation so you don’t have to recalculate. Delete
them with a left swipe.
7. You can also restore purchase if you were to reinstall it later.

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