Draw Sketch

Sketching on your phone has become a lot more popular over the last few years. Pretty much anyone can create art on their device - assuming they have talent, and the right app. We are giving you the right app that will convert your device into a digital sketch book with a dedicated set of sketching tools. This fast and intuitive painting application will unlock full power of your imagination. It has a very friendly user interface for you to shape your ideas.

Some of the fun things to do with this app:

- Great for kids who enjoy coloring.
- Paint a cartoon.
- Writing a special note on the screen of a friend at home.
- User can draw Cartoon in Gallery Image too.
- Record Features is awesome feature of this app. You can record video of how you are giving shape to your imagination.
- Save and share your drawing & video with your friends or by text, email or social networks.

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