re you planning to be the Ah Counter or Grammarian at your next Toastmasters International meeting, public speaking event, conference, or other speaker evaluation meeting?

The Ah Counter Grammarian App is a simple and convenient way to track filler words like ah and um, repeats, and the Grammarian Word of the Day (WOTD). No more scrambling for pen and paper or a pre-printed evaluation sheet at your Toastmaster or public speaking meeting...just launch the app and go!

Speakers often fill in awkward pauses with unnecessary fillers like "ah", "um", "so", and other crutch words during speeches. A speaker might also repeat words. These interjections disrupt the flow of the speech and distract from the public speaker's message.

At your next Toastmasters International or public speaking meeting, use the Ah Counter Grammarian App to record and deliver feedback to help the speaker improve, whether it's for a prepared speech or another role such as Toastmaster, Grammarian, Timer, or Evaluator. Or use it for your own speaking practice!



- Fast load time for rapid launch under the time pressure of a meeting

- Add speakers such as Toastmaster, prepared speeches, Table Topics Master, General Evaluator, Grammarian Timer, or any other role with freeform text entry

- Quickly log the number of filler words, repeats, and uses of the Word of the Day (WOTD) for each speaker using simple up/down counters

- Enter a custom personal crutch word or filler word for each speaker

- Easily create a meeting with name, date, time, and Word of the Day (WOTD); meetings can be re-ordered

- Add, edit, and delete speakers, including name and role

- View the Ah Counter and Grammarian report for all public speakers in the meeting so you can provide feedback during your verbal evaluation...perfect when you are the Toastmasters Ah-Counter

- Easily send an email of the Ah Counter and Grammarian report to speakers, Toastmaster members, or anyone else

- Access previous meetings at any time, which is great for showing individual speaker progress



We want you to have the best experience with our apps, and although we have done our best to include your favorite features and squash bugs, everyone makes mistakes :)

If you have any questions, feature requests, or bugs to report, just go to http://razzeodesign.com/support. Thanks for using our app!



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